How To Remove Bad Tasting Drinking Water In Your RV

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Water tanks are used across motorhomes, camper trailers and caravans; there are many manufacturers across the industry and they come in all shapes and sizes. Made from polyethylene which has been known to be one of the highest food grade materials. Whilst it is a fantastic durable material it can still be problematic if not treated and regularly looked after. Simply using the wrong hose to fill your tank can cause a bad taste to your drinking water from the chemical transfer. Tanks can also occur mould or algae which can cause many health concerns.

If your tank does have a plastic taste to it we recommend doing the following steps to eliminate the contaminated water.

First drain your tank and using the hose run fresh water through it for up to 5 minutes. This will ensure all stale water is removed. Tighten the bung back up and boil a bucket of water then add Camec Tank Clean to the bucket.

We recommend leaving the Camec Tank Clean in the system for 12 to 15 hours before rinsing. When rinsing, leave hose running through the system for another 30 minutes to ensure everything is flushed out. Once the tank is clean it’s important to follow the right steps so the same problem doesn’t occur.

When storing your van after a trip, we recommend leaving your fresh water tank full to make sure no additional contaminants occur.

There are many fresh water hoses on the market and depending on your make and model, it will make a big difference on how your fresh water tastes in your RV and if there is a plastic taste to it. For a more budget fresh water RV hose we recommend the Camec Drinking Water Hose . This hose is made from a high grade material and has been approved by the FDA governing body. The hose is strong & flexible and will meet your requirements.

The Flat Out Drinking Water Hose is by far the best fresh drinking water hose on the market in our opinion. It has many features including being rated to 500psi before bursting. This product has been specifically designed to suit all Australian conditions and one of our favourite features is how easy and compact it is to fold up and store away safely in your front tunnel boot.

Maintaining clean fresh drinkable water is easy by using Aquatab Water Purifying Tablets as they maintain the fresh tasting water in your tank and eliminate any chance of tasting plastic. To treat the water using the Aquatabs simply put 1 x tablet in your tank and leave for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes your water is simply ready to drink.


There are many home remedy’s that people discuss on how to DIY clean your RV water tank using products that can be sourced from your home. We have heard many mixed opinions over the years and would rather used the specific manufactured products to get the job done. Some of the products people use are the following :

RED CORDIAL : Simply fill your tank with red cordial and leave for 30 minutes before emptying.

CHLORINE : Whilst this seems to work for many people would highly not recommend doing this as chlorine is a strong chemical and can be dangerous.

BLEACH : This is another one that we highly not recommend as bleach is a strong chemical that can easily damage everything else surrounding it.

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