Top 10 Caravan Accessories

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The RVPA External Picnic Table is a must have and is number 1 on our list for a reason! The lightweight and simple to use fold down table comes with everything you need to install and takes roughly 10 minutes to fit. With its compact design, you do not have to put large holes in the side of your van when installing.

With optional LED lights at the top of the table and a holding capacity of up to 25KG this table can be used all year round. In particular the fold down table can be used to sit your external tv on to enjoy additional comfort under your awning.

The table also comes with an optional white or Australia map backing plate so you can mark where you have travelled to all around the country! Comes with 2 keys and a strong secure locking mechanism and made from UV protected products allowing the table to withstand the sun for a long period of time.

The external picnic table weighs 3KG and is 5 x 40 x 80 cm making it suitable for nearly all motorhome & caravans and can be used as a replacement table to go over an existing area or fitting in a new location.

The Dometic Ibis 4 rooftop air conditioner has been re-designed from previous models, making it a compact & powerful rooftop unit built to withstand all climates. The Ibis 4 is our favourite air conditioner on the market because of its high quality and top of the range features.

The unit weighs 40KG and does not take up much room on your roof allowing for additional solar panels etc. Made from tough EPP materials this ibis can be mounted into most universal roof openings.

The anti vibration helps to keep noise levels down making things much more comfortable especially in the middle of summer when you tend to spend more time in your RV during the day.

The Ibis 4 can be installed simply and takes roughly 2 hours however we highly recommend using a qualified installer and electrician. If you have an older style Dometic air conditioner they can simply be removed and the new one fitted to the same area. Depending on your RV size & location you may need a H frame to support the weight over a larger section of your roof.

Developed in the United States the Winegard Digital TV Antenna is the best value for money within the RV antenna industry. Made from high quality material suited for all forms of RV’s. The Winegard is by far the most popular antenna and used by most major manufacturers across Australia.

The Winegard Antenna not only looks good, but provides excellent quality clear TV and is simple to use. Simply wind the inner handle and turn 360 degrees or until you find the clearest picture. To pack up simply wind the handle in the other direction and lock into the groove.

The Winegard Antenna kit comes with everything you need to install including clear & easy to use instructions making this a fantastic DIY improvement to your RV. If your upgrading from the previous model this antenna roughly takes 1 hour to install. If your fitting the complete new Kit it takes roughly 2 hours.

The Sirocco II Fans have been on the market for many years and have always been the go to RV fan for travellers. This is because of its strong airflow the ability to rotate 360degrees whilst also being quiet. Many of our customers have multiple Sirocco fans installed in there RV’s and they can be put in most places however we highly recommend having them out of reach from the young ones.

They come in both black & white and weigh 1.2kg – very easy to install and roughly takes 1 hour per fan depending on location. They have a timer as well allowing you to simply pre set the fan for when you go to bed.

On a hot summers day having fresh RV aircon installed and Sirocco Fans will make travelling so much easier!

5. Camec Wheel Chock and Levelling Ramp

The Camec Wheel Chock and Level is the only product you’ll need to park a caravan or trailer on a slope or uneven terrain. It will not sink into soft ground, while the anti-slip plate clips onto the leading edge of the level ramp to prevent tyre slippage. The wheel chock easily locks into ridges of the level ramp and secures the wheel safely in place.

It is a standard safety device the most popular in use to prevent accidental movement of your RV. This wheel chock is specially designed with ideal width and height for easy installation. It’s made from tough polypropylene plastic which makes this product durable and reliable as well.  This Wheel Chock ensures total security piece of mind.

The Trail–A–Mate Jockey Wheel & Jack is an all in one fantastic product which should be in everyone’s RV’s! Whilst it is fairly heavier then most of your traditional jockey wheels it can be used as a jack saving room as you don’t need to carry both!

Jockey wheels can perish and not perform after a short timeframe where the Trail-A-Mate is a solid quality product that can be serviced and will last much longer!

The ability to have a base plate so when the van is being stored is a massive bonus as this will save the jockey wheel from perishing from the UV. Being hydraulic this model is much easier to lift up and down rather then winding like most other jockey wheels.

This can be fitted to most drawbar’s of caravans and is a great upgrade!

The SOG Toilet Ventilation system is made from German engineering and is quality system that is extremely reliable. People are often surprised with just how well the Sog system works!

There are many odour removers on the market however the Sog is the best on the market and simply removes all odours so you no longer have to keep buying and trialling new toilet chemicals. In fact the odours are removed immediately and can not be smelt inside or outside of the van as the system goes through a specialist charcoal filter. The filter is simple to replace and that’s all you have to do!

The Sog kit is very simple to install and draws very low power. Simply choose which model you require and DIY install.

Please read our instruction article here on how to fit a Side Mount SOG system!

8. Purpleline Torpedo Hitch Pin Lock

Your hitch is only as secure as its pin is strong. Which is why the Torpedo Locking Hitch Pin was developed to bring you high-security and peace of mind you can take with you anywhere.

The lock is designed and developed in Australia for use with standard tow hitches and articulating poly block trailer couplings.

Investing in a high quality security locking system will give you piece of mind not only while you are away on your next adventure, but while your RV is stored at home.

Having a quality awning on your van will make holidays stress free and also help to cool down your RV. There are many different models on the market as well as manufacturers. Some of our favourite manufacturers based on quality is carefree , Aussie Traveller, Dometic & Jillaroo.

It’s important to maintain and service your awning particularly the canvas, as over time it will perish. Especially when the van and awning are left up for long periods of time in the weather. To keep your awning intact and in good condition simply use Awning Cleaner and protectant every 6 months on both the inside and outside of the awning.

It’s also important that when you have your awning in use and there is high winds or storms you must rope the ends down as otherwise the awning can be lifted up onto the roof causing major damage. We also recommend using an Awning Protector when not in use to block the UV out from the canvas.

If your planning on travelling for longer periods and also to free camp then you will need a generator if your looking to use air conditioning and other 240 appliances regularly.

A generator is something you won’t use all the time however, when you need one they are very handy. There are many makes on the market however we recommend the Westinghouse over any other brand because of its quality and easy to use functions. Most importantly it is one of the most quiet RV generators on the market which will keep your neighbours happy.

The IGen 2500 is the best model for all round RV use and with its compact design, it can fit into majority of tunnel boots. We also like its fuel efficiency making it a great reliable power source.

It weighs 40kgs so the additional weight to your caravan does need to be taken into consideration.

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