Side Mount SOG Installation Guide

Categories: How To

Fitting the SOG system is a very simple process and can be completed in a short period of time. The key is to ensure you order the correct system for your RV. You can find our full range of SOG units and accessories here.

Step 1.

Measure the gap between the toilet cassette and your service door to confirm you have enough room to fit the Sog Fan – this is the most crucial part to get correct. Then disconnect & remove the toilet cassette from the compartment area.

Step 2.

Hold the exterior casing to the outside of the door. The casing can not be firm against the service door moulds as it will interfere with fitting the componentry. Once the service door is marked use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole then followed with the 37mm whole saw, when you have drilled ¾ quarters of the way through stop and drill the remainder from the inside out to ensure you don’t damage anything on the inside.

Step 3.

Line the hole using clear silicone to stop any odours or contaminates escaping. On the inside of the service door install the Sog fan by pushing it in the whole and screwing off with 6 screws. On the outside of the door using silicone and screws fit the external filter cover. Lastly fit the filter & cover by simply clicking on the casing tightly. Screw the bottom 2 screws in.

Step 4.

Remove the internal white shroud on the ceiling of the compartment – the top shroud then needs to be adjusted to suit the Sog system. Using a hacksaw mark the area of shroud that is no longer needed and cut off whilst the sog shroud is in the vice. Tidy the burred edges with some light sandpiper.

Step 5.

 In order to fit the switchbox to the back of the compartment it will need to be wiped down with solvent so the stick pads bond to the fibreglass. Hold the test box in place to ensure that it lines up with the shroud so that when the toilet flap is open it presses and releases the shroud.

Step 6.

Tap into the 12volt and shorten the wires and run and connect the connectors – test with the multi metre to check there is consistent power to the sog microswith. Run hose and plug in. using cable ties secure the 12v cabling to the hose Fit supplied aluminium bracket and from the top of the shower cubicle fit provided plastic rivet and push through using the pliers.