How To Receive Better TV Reception In Your RV

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When travelling around Australia, there will always be a time and place where you want to relax and watch your tv. Most of us understand how frustrating it is to have poor tv reception. What makes it worse is when our neighbours have clear tv and you don’t! There are many different ways to get clear tv and that can depend on your location, budget and even the make and model of your RV.

Whilst you can get  RV reception on some cheaper tv antenna’s we recommend using satellite. As once its tuned, there is no need to manually tune your RV when you move around the country. Keeping in mind there still can be some places that have poor RV reception. Working out where you would like to travel in your RV and what you want to use it for will assist in purchasing the correct product.

If your planning on travelling mostly to populated areas or semi rural we highly recommend having a Winegard Antenna installed. If you are looking to take your travels a little more remote and for longer distances around Australia the Sphere Automated Satellite System would be the best model for you.


When arriving to your destination complete the following steps to receive clear RV reception using your Winegard antenna.

Step 1. Using the internal window out handle crank in the direction which is provided on the handle until fully elevated. Please note it will make a noise as your winding it as there is a large spring attached which has plenty of movement.

Step 2. Switch your tv on prior to then releasing the inner crank on the turn handle and move around 360 degrees until you reach your most desired reception location. When winding down to leave ensure that the arrows on the crank line up.

Step 3. Twice a year the inner handle and wind out mechanism on the roof should be lubricated to allow the antenna to wind in and out smoothly all year round.

Step 4. If your RV’s tv reception is still not clear enough keep the antenna in the same position and auto tune the tv in the main setting area.

Need Tips on How to Install Your Winegard?

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