How To Choose The Correct Air-Conditioner For My RV

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With many different products on the market when it comes to aircon units for your RV it can be difficult to choose which unit works best for your setup. Another thing to think about is the updates models and sizes across the industry.

Before choosing you need to work out the following :

  1. How long do I plan on travelling and using the unit for each year?
  2. What climate am I more likely to be in whilst travelling?
  3. What are my limitations on storage heights for my RV when not travelling?
  4. What is the current make & model air conditioner that I have?
  5. If I don’t currently have an air conditioner what is the current cut out size where I would like to put it?

Here at RVPA we will always recommend the Dometic Ibis 4 rooftop unit for many reasons. Firstly, a rooftop unit will always operate better as the cool air moves down from the roof much better then an inside or side mounted unit. If you currently have a 16ft caravan or larger and any size motorhome we have found the Ibis 4 works the best for us and our customers. The new model also makes installing much easier as the cut out hole for it to be fitted in can either be 400mm x 400mm or 360mm x 360mm which in RV’s of this size is very common. This then avoids to have to extend the hole sizes in your vans roof which can cause weakness. Secondly, the upgraded Ibis 4 unit has a small height clearance allowing you to park your RV in smaller places without risking damage to the unit. The new model also has a turbo fan which cools or heats your RV very quickly.

We find the Ibis 4 is for travellers who are looking to hit the road for lengthy periods of time and are wanting to travel all through Australia’s different harsh climates. With the latest settings the unit can also be put into sleep mode which allows the compressors to slow right down to reduce noise, also helping with vibrations.

For smaller caravans & campers there are still plenty to choose from. The biggest decision is to either run a smaller roof top unit or the a floor mounted unit which,, both have there pro’s & con ‘s. Firstly, a smaller rooftop unit can cause sagging on your caravan roof over time and if your van hasn’t previously had an aircon fitted from factory. This could be an issue so we strongly recommended buying a larger H frame then usual to support the additional weight.

Floor mounted aircon units work great and the benefit is you can store them away without having to add extra height or weight to your caravan roof. They can be a little more noisy then the rooftop systems so that is something to keep in mind. You will also lose a small amount of storage space to be able to fit the units.

The Final Recommendation!

Let us know your thoughts!