CGear Multi Mat

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Originally the CGear Multimat was created as a helicopter landing matt to stop dirt coming through and to prevent objects being blown around from the force of the helicopters rotors during take off & landing.

Because of the high quality , the CGear Multimat allows dust and sand to go through the mat but not come back up CGear then introduced there product to the camping & RV industry. Since then the product has been an industry leader.

Green/Grey in colour the CGear Multimat is made using multi – layered knitting technology providing 90% UV protection whilst also not getting hot when left in the sun. The Mat has strong edges and can be pegged down simply using D – rings. The edges are strong and this Mat will not rip or tear even if a hole is put through it. The mat can also be used either side and comes with a drawstring carry bag.

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  • Reversible so either side can be used
  • One way sand & dirt protection
  • Simple to clean and pack away
  • 90% UV rated
  • Great for under awning usage
  • Can be used for overhead shade
  • Strong edges
  • Comes with a carry bag

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1.8M X 2.4M, 2.4M X 3.35M, 2.4M X 4.3M, 2.4M X 5.2M, 2.4M X 6.0M, 2.4M X 7.5M, 3.05M X 3.05M, 3.6M X 4.6M


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