Camec Four Seasons Roof Hatch

Code: Camec 044479

Fits a 660mm x 660mm cutout

Internal frame dimensions: 715mm x 715mm x 40mm

External dimensions: 715mm x 715mm x 140mm

Air deflector integrated into housing. No additional components required

Able to be retrofitted to upgrade your old 4 seasons hatch

  • Passive ventilation increased to 223cm2 (was 161cm2 on previous model)


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Camec’s Four Seasons Roof Hatch is an upgrade from the original caravan hatch. Air flow has increased by 40% and the rain is kept away even with the vent open! The options for the vent are locked, rain protection and fully open allowing you to choose specific ways to use the hatch. With the instruction booklet included, installation is an easy DIY project.


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