ADCO Caravan Covers

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The ADCO Caravan Covers are designed for high sun exposure, high moisture, long term storage and even snow, making it one of the most durable cover on the market for the Australian climate!

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The top panel of the cover is made of DuPontTM Tyvek® fabric which beads water on contact.

*Some moisture may penetrate the cover.

The breathable layers and air vents allow water vapour to escape and help prevent mould or mildew from forming on the trailer.

The side panels are made of four layers of polypropylene with a soft lining that won’t scratch your RV paintwork!

A cinching system with buckles prevent billowing fabric on the front and rear

The lining of the cover is reinforced on all corners to protect against tears caused by sharp edges

Air vents help to eliminate moisture build-up

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 61 × 59 × 46 cm

14' – 16' (4.28 – 4.90m), 16' – 18' (4.90 – 5.51m), 18' – 20' (5.51 – 6.12m), 20' – 22' (6.12 – 6.73m), 22' – 24' (6.73 – 7.34m), 24' – 26' (7.34 – 7.92m)


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