Camec 120AH Slim Battery

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Camec’s 120AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle battery is ideal for Caravan, RV and Marine use. The battery is completely sealed and can be stored at any angle with great vibration resistance, making it a great option as a second storage battery for 4x4s.

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This is a premium, maintenance free deep cycle battery, not a re-badged car battery! The tough high quality ABS housing, with incorporated plastic carry handles, will last for decades without ageing or deteriorating, keeping the battery in perfect condition. High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long lifespan of up to 8 years under correct operating conditions and the quality copper silver terminals have a low contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.

  • Front terminals make installation, maintenance and supervision easy
  • Shield design protects terminals from short circuit
  • Unique vent valve design, reducing water loss and prevent air/spark from entering


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