Aussie Traveller Protector Shade

Code: ATRV Shade
  • Powder-coated laminated aluminium outer skin
  • Powder-coated aluminium frame
  • Black, white or black and white available
  • Painted steel inner skin
  • Adjustable arms
  • Quick release catches
  • Simple to install
  • Width of shade is 60mm longer than your window
  • Height of shade is 10mm higher than your window


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This product protects your caravan windows. Installing the protector shade over the top of you existing window not only protects the windows while in transit, but can also provide privacy while on your camp site!

These shades are sold by the size of the window they are covering.

Additional information


White, Black Frame with White Panel, Silver, Black Frame with Black Panel


Curved, Flat Shade

RVC Size

280×457, 280×762, 280×1175, 280×1524, 380×457, 380×762, 380×914, 380×1175, 380×1524, 450×457, 450×610, 450×762, 450×914, 450×1175, 450×1524, 508×457, 508×762, 508×914, 508×1175, 508×1524, 565×457, 565×762, 565×914, 565×1175, 565×1524, 630×1524


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