180W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel

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  • Uses 156.75 x 156.75mm persudo square Mono-Crystalline solar cell in a 4×9 array
  • TUV certified and IP65 rated junction box with cable with tin ending
  • Twin by-pass diodes to minimize power drop caused by shade
  • Anodized aluminium alloy frame
  • Anti-reflective high transparency tempered glass
  • Solar cell embedded in EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
  • Tedlar foil backing
  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 180W
  • Rated Voltage (Vmp): 18 V
  • Rated Current (Imp): 8.89A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.5A
  • Maximum System Voltage: DC1000VV


  • 1482mm x 674mm x 35mm

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Coast to Coast’s 180-watt Mono-Crystalline Solar Module is produced using the latest technology that has been specifically designed for the RV industry.

The solar cell has a SIN surface and anti-reflective coating which provides a uniform blue colour and helps to absorb more light in all weather conditions. Together with its BSF (Black Surface Field) structure, the solar cell shows optimal conversion efficiency.


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